The following individuals have shown their support for Living Wage Norwich:

William Armstrong, Former Sheriff of Norwich
Jessica Asato, Former Labour P.P.C. Norwich North
Robert Ashton, Social Entrepreneur and Author
Richard Austin, Founder of Rainbow Foods
Dennis Bacon, Chairman, Norfolk Independent Care
Richard Bearman, Norfolk County Councillor
Laura Bloomfield, Baseline Manager, Future Projects
Mike Boxall, Former Secretary of Tesco plc
Nick Brewin, Honorary Professor, School of Biological Sciences, U.E.A.
David Broom, Director of Operations and Property Services, Diocese of Norwich
Marian Chapman, Retired Headteacher, Past President of Norwich Labour Party
Steve Cheshire, former C.E.O. Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau
Jon Cheyette, C.E.O. Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau
Daniel Childerhouse, Chair and Trustee L.W.N., C.E.O. Future Projects
Sara Connolly, Trustee L.W.N., Reader in Personnel Economics, Norwich Business School
Alex Cosgrove, Treasurer and Trustee L.W.N., C.E.O. Grow Organisation UK Ltd,
Fred Corbett, Former Assistant Director of Children’s Services, Norfolk County Council
Nathan Defew, M.D. B.T. Local Business
Danny Doran-Smith, Director, EYNP (Equipping/Nurturing Young People)
Sam Earl, Political assistant to Norwich City Council Labour Group
Mark Fairweather Tall, Norwich Central Baptist Church
Alan Finlayson, Professor of Political and Social Theory, U.E.A.
Tricia Fuller, Group Human Resources Director, Norse
Helen Gammage, Science Teacher, retired
Tony Gammage, Former Chair and Trustee L.W.N., Former Chief Inspector of Schools, Norfolk County Council.
Lesley Grahame Former Green Party PPC for Norwich South & City Councillor.
Revd Susanna Gunner, Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Norwich.
Grant Habershon, Project Manager, Norwich Food Bank
John Hare, U.E.A.
Chris Herries, Director of Co-operatives U.K., Norwich City Councillor
Adrian Holmes, Former Green Party P.P.C. Norwich North
Brian Horner, Chief Executive, Voluntary Norfolk
Canon Peter Howard, Vicar of St. Francis Church, Norwich
Alan Howarth, Rt Hon Lord Howarth of Newport
Mark Hughes, Former Vice President, Norwich and District TUC
David Ingham, Methodist Lay Preacher, former Norfolk YMCA chairman
John Jennings, Former Sheriff of Norwich
Samir Jeraj, Journalist, former Green Party Norwich City Councillor
Rabbi Leah Jordan, North Western Reformed Synagogue, Student and Young Adult Chaplain at Liberal Judaism
Mike Kenny, M.D. B.T Local Business
Norman Lamb, M.P.
Robert Lancaster, Advice Services Manager, M.A.P.
Sarah Lark, President, Norwich and District Trades Union Council
Clive Lewis, M.P.
Christopher Maidens, Former President, City College Norwich Students’ Union
Andy Mash, Diocesan Director of Education, Diocese of Norwich
Dan Mobbs, Chief Executive, Mancroft Advice Project
John Myhill, Area Representative, Society of Friends
Julie O’Connor, Director, Diocesan Schools Service Commission, Diocese of East Anglia
Bob Orme, Former Reward and Performance Director, Aviva plc
Roland Pascoe, Trustee L.W.N., U.E.A., Norfolk representative for Equality Trust
Ruth Pearson, Emeritus Professor of Development Studies, Leeds University
John Pinnington, Former Head of Notre Dame High School, Norwich
Katy Quigley, Equality and Diversity Officer for Unison UEA
Connor Rand, Former Undergraduate Education Officer, Union of UEA Students
Bob Russell, Community Outreach Officer, Norwich AgeUK
Bernie Sheehan, Director, Norwich Credit Union
Chloe Smith, M.P.
James Stewart, Former Chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich
Mark Stokes, C.E.O. Office of the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner
Mike Stonard, Cabinet Member for Environment, Development and Transport, Norwich City Council
Marc Suhrcke, Professor of Public Health Economics, Norwich Medical School
Boyd Taylor, Financial Inclusion Manager, Norwich City Council
Vaughan Thomas, Secretary and Trustee L.W.N., Norwich City Councillor.
Danny Turner, Communications Officer for UEA Unison Exec
Sarah Vero, Former Partnerships Manager, Living Wage Foundation
Sabine Virani, Former Norwich City Council Officer
Alan Waters, Leader, Norwich City Council
Brian Watkins, County Councillor
Sue Whitaker, Chair of the Adult Social Care Committee, Norfolk County Council
Naomi Wildgoose, Former Deputy President, City College Norwich Students’ Union
Caroline Williams, C.E.O. Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Simon Wright, Former M.P. for Norwich South
Stuart Wright, Property and Facilities Director, Aviva plc
Rev. Janet Wyer, Formerly at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich