St Mary’s, Attleborough becomes accredited Real Living Wage employer.

Congratulations to St Mary’s, Attleborough that has become a Real Living Wage accredited employer.

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It’s Living Wage Week! Be sure to check out all of the Living Wage Week events.

FB LW employer

We were in the city yesterday, talking to the public about the Real Living Wage which, as of yesterday, was announced as £8.75, and were spreading the word about its benefits and answering anyone’s questions or queries.

Keep listening to Future Radio, members of the public and team members of Living Wage Norwich were interviewed about why the Real Living Wage is so important to both individuals, businesses, and society.

Our intern will be on UEA campus all of Wednesday the 8th, finding out from students what the Real Living Wage means to them and why they feel it is so important.

Also on Wednesday, we are having a drinks reception at 5.30pm-7pm at the Forum. Speakers include Daniel Childerhouse (Future Projects), Tim Bishop (CEO – the Forum), Alan Waters (Leader Norwich City Council), and Stuart Wright (Director of Property & Facilities – Aviva) where local businesses can talk and learn about being and becoming Real Living Wage accredited employers.

UEA’s Matthew Aldrich will be giving a Living Wage talk at City Hall Council Chamber on Thursday 9th November at 19.15.

The Writers Centre Norwich will also be giving Living Wage themed readings in the Council Chamber at 12.30 – 13.30 on Friday 10th November.

And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a Living Wage themed day at the Forum on Thursday from 9.30am with Unison and GMB.

Come and join in with some of our events, learn, chat, and meet the team!

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New accredited employer

Congratulations to Norfolk Community Law Service which has become a Living Wage accredited employer.

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Film: The Divide

The Film: The Divide, based on “The Spirit Level” by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, was shown at Cinema City in Norwich yesterday to a full house.

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New Living Wage Gift Guide

Have a look at the first Living Wage Gift Guide

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Black Friday

Black Friday 1 Black Friday 2

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Living Wage People’s Movement

The People’s Movement has been launched on 1st November 2015 through which you may sign up to show your support for The Living Wage campaign. You will be put in touch with your local campaign group.

You may also check on accredited employers in your area by clicking the Employers’ Map.

Go to The Living Wage Foundation

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MAP becomes accredited LW.

Congratulations to MAP (Mancroft Advice Project) on becoming an accredited Living Wage employer.

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Is the National Living Wage a Living Wage?

Read the Living Wage Foundation response to the budget: -


8th July 2015, 15:18

Rhys Moore, director, Living Wage Foundation said:

“We are delighted that the announcement made in the Budget this lunchtime will see over 2.5 million workers receive a much needed pay rise. This is a massive victory for Citizens UK and those communities, workers and business leaders who have campaigned for a Living Wage since 2001. We agree with the Chancellor that work should be the surest way out of poverty. However, this announcement raises several important questions.

“Is this really a Living Wage? The Living Wage is calculated according to the cost of living whereas the Low Pay Commission calculates a rate according to what the market can bear. Without a change of remit for the Low Pay Commission this is effectively a higher National Minimum Wage and not a Living Wage.

“Secondly, what about London? We have been working with the Mayor of London for seven years and there’s a London Living Wage rate that recognises the higher costs in the capital, currently £9.15 per hour. These changes will not help the 586,000 people for whom even the 2020 rate announced today would not be enough to live on now.

“Thirdly, what about the 2 million under-25s who are not covered by this announcement? To make sure workers in London and those under 25 do not lose out, we call on employers to join the group of 1,600 organisations that have already chosen to become voluntary Living Wage employers.

“And, lastly, do the tax credit changes announced today mean that the Living Wage needs to be higher to make sure people have enough?

“The Living Wage Foundation, members of Citizens UK and the 1,600 accredited Living Wage employers look forward to an early meeting with the Chancellor to address these questions and help the millions of workers who deserve a pay rise.”


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Norwich City Football Club commits to The Living Wage

NORWICH City has confirmed the Club will be introducing a commitment to pay a Living Wage to all of its permanent colleagues.

The Club is set to phase in the Living Wage during the 2015-16 season and is currently working towards accreditation from The Living Wage Foundation, with the aim of achieving full implementation across its business by the 2016-17 season.

The change will see all permanent colleagues paid, as a minimum, the Living Wage as set by The Living Wage Foundation annually. Norwich City will also start the process of reviewing those of external agencies and contractors who work at the Club to make sure they meet the necessary criteria to receive the Living Wage by 2016-17.

The move is part of the Club’s commitment to continually improving the business by developing talented and motivated colleagues.

City Chief Executive David McNally said:

“Everyone at the Club is firmly behind the introduction of the Living Wage for permanent employees and we’re delighted to be able to start rolling this out across the business over this coming season.

“Although it represents a significant additional annual investment by the Club, we firmly believe the business benefits substantially from having a motivated workforce whose salaries properly reflect the cost of living in the UK.

“It is our intention to begin implementing the Living Wage during the 2015-16 season and to have it fully in place by 2016-17.”

Rhys Moore, director, Living Wage Foundation said:

“We are very pleased that Norwich City is taking a lead in the Premier League, and putting in place plans to become an accredited Living Wage employer.

“Being a Living Wage employer means that all staff, both directly employed and sub contracted workers like cleaning and catering staff, receive the Living Wage hourly rate of pay.

“When Norwich City complete their Living Wage accreditation they will join Premier League winners Chelsea FC at the top of the table for fair pay.

“We hope to see the other clubs follow the lead of these two teams and reward their staff with a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.
We believe work should be the surest way out of poverty.”

Norwich has been taking a lead on the Living Wage thanks to a range of local employers who have all chosen voluntarily to pay it, these include Norwich City Football Club, Norwich City Council, Aviva, Future Projects Norwich, Rainbow Wholefoods and City College Norwich.
The campaign group Living Wage Norwich, chaired by Tony Gammage, and Norwich City Council will coordinate a range of events across the City this November to celebrate Living Wage Week.

The full list of accredited Norwich Living Wage employers to date is : -
Aviva, City College Norwich, Mow and Grow, Rainbow Whole Foods, Norwich City Council, Diocese of Norwich Board of Finance, UEASU, Voluntary Norfolk, Swallowtail Print, Future Projects, PwC, ENYP, The Base, BT Local Business.

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